Accidents in The Workplace

Accidents at work can not only cause loss of pay, but they may also lead to permanent damage, or the need to claim disability benefits.

All employers have the responsibility to ensure that every member of staff is well versed on the health and safety procedures of the work place, as well as run regular risk assessments to ensure that day to day accidents (no matter how minor) are kept to a minimum.

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 lays out legislations that must be kept to. If the legislations made in the Health and Safety at Work act are not kept to, legal action may be implemented. An employee is also entitled to make a formal complaint to the appropriate body, (which in the first instance will usually be their manager) if they feel unsafe to carry out duties they have been asked to do.


The Health and Safety at Work act states that employers are “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work”


The act covers;


  • Ensuring all systems used in the workplace are maintained and safe for use.
  • Maintenance of safe access and egress to the workplace
  • Ensuring safe use of and handling of all substances used
  • Providing effective health and safety training
  • Providing appropriate welfare provisions for staff at work.


When thinking of work related injuries, many people assume that they are limited to slip and fall accidents, however, industrial disease can also be contracted if the appropriate precautions are not taken.


There are several types of diseases that can be caught in the work place and they include, but are not limited to;


Occupational asthma
Chemical poisoning
Vibration White Finger
Noise induced Deafness
Repetitive Strain Injury


Individuals should be aware that no matter what their role is in the workplace, or what substances they come in to contact with, they should never be put at risk. The impact of work related illnesses or injuries can have serous impacts on the personal life of an individual, and they may also be entitled to receive compensation.


Personal injury solicitors can advise those who are in doubt if they have a claim. No win no fee solicitors will not charge individuals if their claim is not successful.

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