Cosmetic Surgery

The number of individuals seeking to change their appearance through cosmetic surgery has risen in during the past few years, and with it has come more social acceptance. Many choose to go to a private establishment, such as private healthcare Frimley.

One of the most common cosmetic procedures a woman can undergo is a breast argumentation, with over 10,000 procedures taking place each year. There are many reasons women choose to go under the knife for this type of surgery. In the past it was believed that all women seeking surgery were trying to fulfil the idealistic image portrayed by the media. However, society seems to be becoming more accepting that reasons for surgery can be more to do with a woman’s personal view of herself, rather than the way she believes others view her.

Reasons for a breast augmentation can include, but are not limited to;

To feel more feminine

To increase confidence levels

To increase the symmetry in breasts

To be able to wear certain clothes

To change the shape or size of the breasts

Weight loss and pregnancy can also play a huge part in the way breasts look, and a female is likely to consider surgery if she has been through either of these life changes.

Shapes and sizes of breast implants have changed over the years depending on social trends, and ideals of beauty. However, the procedure has never truly dipped in popularity. Throughout the year’s cosmetic surgery has made the headlines for many reasons, including the PIP scare that meant many women had to have their implants removed or replaced.

When considering any type of surgery, you should always take in to account the maintenance that may be required, as well as any way your day to day living may be impacted, particularly during the first few days and weeks of recovery. Although face lifts, tummy tucks, eye lifts and breast augmentations are becoming increasingly common, it doesn’t undermine the seriousness of the procedures, or their risks associated. Any decision for surgery should be solely yours, and not influenced in any way by a partner, friend, family member or anyone else.

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